Please try this at home!

This week I haven’t been in the flow I was the weeks before. Is it the hormones? Am I exhausted from all the challenges life provides me? For sure a lot was happening this week: difficult patients, difficult behaviour of my son, difficulties with the extra mortgage for our new project….

But the week before this week the situation was the same…so why do I féél so bad? I decided to start meditating, do some sports, eat healthy , take a break, talk to a good friend about it. Everything to get back in the right balance to be creative and happy! I even made a little garden in the few hours the sun was shining this week.

Its okay to have a week with less productivity, less amazing achievements, less great ideas…

But still I wasn’t as happy as I should be. My dearest husband tried to help by telling me:”just don’t be upset , it doesnt help you.” And of course he’s right, but his words did not help at all! It even made me feel more negative about myself, about other people and life in general. It felt like I was failing even more.

You can imagine that my response towards him, was not filled with acknowledgement…

Than I realised I would have felt a lot better if someone would have acknowledged me this week for all the good things I did. It would have set my senses at ease. But hey, most people don’t experience this in real live (yet).

So I decided to help myself and acknowledge myself for all the good things I did last week. Especially the little things, like cooking a nice meal, giving the neighbour some flowers, being nice to a colleague. I also admitted to myself  that I can’t live my life to the max 24/7. It’s okay to have a week with less productivity, less amazing achievements, less great ideas…

It might sound a bit vague, but concentrating on acknowledging myself really made me feel much better! So please: do try this at home!


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